What is Implant Dentistry?

What is Implant Dentistry?

February 8, 2016

Now is the time you found out more about getting a dental implant from your Danbury, CT dentist Dr. George Landress.

When you lose a tooth it can feel very defeating. You may worry that you’ll never be able to get a restored smile. Even though nothing can take the place of a real tooth, dental implants are as close as they come and offer some amazing benefits that no other tooth replacement treatment offers.

What is an implant and how does it work?

Dental implants are an effective way to replace one or more missing teeth. When a tooth has become so damaged or decayed that it needs to be removed the crown and the roots are both extracted. The implant is then placed into the jawbone where the original tooth’s roots once were. Over the course of several weeks the implant will begin to meld together with bone and tissue to become a permanent structure from which to hold a restoration like a dental crown.

Once the implant has fully bonded with the jawbone a small piece known as an abutment is placed over the top of the implant and serves to connect the replacement tooth with the implant. An implant can also be used to support a dental bridge or dentures so patients looking to replace some or even all of their missing teeth could still benefit from getting implants in Danbury, CT.

Are dental implants right for me?

If you are looking to replace one or more missing teeth then there is a good chance that implants can help. Anyone who has a healthy smile that is free of cavities, infection, gum disease or other issues can benefit from implants. Also, if you don’t like that certain restorations like dentures need to be removed each night then you’ll love that implants are permanent and actually stay put. But the only way to truly determine that you are a candidate is by visiting our Danbury dental implants expert Dr. Landress.

Discover what dental implants could do for your smile. Turn to our implant dentist in Danbury, CT for a consultation. Let’s get you your healthy smile back.

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