Types Of Dentures Available

Types Of Dentures Available

September 27, 2017

Natural teeth give you your best possible smile. But, life happens, and so does tooth loss. Gum disease, dental decay, oral injury–they take their toll despite our best efforts at preventive dental care. That’s where dentures from your Danbury, CT, dentist, Dr. George Landress come in. Known as a kind, compassionate oral health care provider, Dr. Landress is also a Fellow and Master in the Academy of General Dentistry. So you know his skills can craft replacement teeth–that is, dentures–that fit precisely, work well and look wonderfully lifelike.

What happens after tooth loss?

When someone loses one, two or even all of their teeth, gum tissue and underlying jaw bone begin to recede. Remaining teeth weaken as they drift to fill smile gaps, and frankly, facial appearance ages quickly. Even young people who lose teeth will look years older as their bite height collapses.

Besides these embarrassing facial changes, tooth loss impacts how a person speaks. According to dentists at NYU College of Dentistry, missing front teeth impair the ability to pronounce consonants–p and m, as examples. The ability to bite and chew changes, too, and digestion may be affected.

Tooth replacement with dentures

When facing extraction, count on your Danbury, CT, dentist to formulate a treatment plan customized to your unique needs and expectations. He offers precisely crafted partial and full dentures which will span your smile gap or even replace a full arch of teeth as needed. He even has a dental lab right on premises!
What kind of dentures are there? Actually, there are a few, including:

  • Partial dentures. Functioning much like a jigsaw puzzle piece, a partial denture replaces one or more teeth as needed. Made of tooth- and gum-colored acrylic affixed to a molded metal frame, a partial denture holds on to remaining teeth via clasps, and it is fully removable.
  • Full Dentures. These may be immediate or conventional. Immediate means the dentures are placed right after extraction, compressing the sutured gums to speed healing. Conventional dentures are placed after the extraction sites heal, allowing for more accurate fit.
  • Implant-supported dentures. Mounted on multiple mini-or full-sized implants, these modern dentures may be permanent or removable. They offer superior stability and natural aesthetics and work well for patients with adequate jaw bone density.

What can dentures do for you?

Dentures normalize your facial appearance and oral function so you can enjoy life and feel good about yourself. If you believe dentures are in your future, please call Dr. George Landress for a consultation. Bring all your questions and expect answers that make sense for your smile needs. Call (203) 743-7608.

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