Should I Be Using Mouthwash?

Should I Be Using Mouthwash?

March 28, 2017

Using the right mouthwash with a regular oral hygiene routine of brushing and floss can help improve one’s oral health. Mouthrinses can be great at reducing the amount of plaque in the mouth, to control bad breath and to prevent both tooth decay and gum disease. Your Danbury, CT dentist, Dr. George Landress, can help you decide which mouth rinse will work best for you.

About Mouthwash

It’s important to understand that many mouthwashes are cosmetic meaning that they smell or taste good, but don’t have any benefit to your oral health. Using these however, can keep you at risk for gum disease or tooth decay even after thinking you’re using something to help your oral health.

Therapeutic mouthwashs are known as anti-cariogenic (designed to prevent tooth decay) and anti-bacterial, to control the plaque buildup in the mouth. To help prevent tooth decay, your Danbury dentist suggests using a fluoride variation. This liquid rinses around the teeth and in the space that a toothbrush can’t reach.

Fluoride is proven to strengthen a tooth’s enamel while protecting against decay. It can even reduce lesions on the teeth that make a tooth more susceptible to cavities. For individuals who have been told they are at a higher risk of decay or have problems brushing or flossing effectively, this might be a good addition to your oral hygiene routine. When you’re shopping for mouthwashes, always looking for the American Dental Association seal on the label. This means that the association has evaluated the product and deems it effective. Prescription mouthwashes are also available.

In terms of oral hygiene, your Danbury, CT dentist is your partner in maintaining good oral health. Schedule a comprehensive dental examination and cleaning today by calling 203-746-7608. He will examine your smile and can offer you helpful oral hygiene tips that will keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible.

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