Pediatric Dentistry in Danbury, CT 

When you’re searching for a dentist near you that can provide complete dentistry for your family, including pediatric dentistry for your little ones, there’s no need to look further than Dr. Landress. As a general dentist in Danbury, CT, Dr. Landress and his team provide top-rated care in children’s dentistry in addition to adult dentistry. That means that patients can enjoy the convenience of back-to-back scheduling appointments at one location instead of having to travel to multiple locations for complete family dental care.

Common Procedures for Pediatric Dentistry Near You

When you are proactive in taking care of your child’s baby teeth, you can enjoy a greater outlook for their healthy and beautiful adult smile. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that your child visits a dentist by their first birthday. And even though this may sound early to some parents reading this, studies have proven that early pediatric oral care can be a cost-saving measure in the long term.

Some of the most common treatments that younger patients benefit from include topical fluoride application and dental sealants. Even if you already provide over-the-counter fluoride products for your child to use at home, there is nothing that can protect their teeth as effectively as professional fluoride treatment. Likewise, dental sealants from our dentist near you can provide a perfect defense against cavities, and dental bonding performed by Dr. Landress can repair minor chips and fractures.

Another way to help your child benefit from a healthy smile when they’re an adult is to inquire about orthodontic care near you. Dr. Landress and his team offer a broad suite of services to help straighten crooked smiles in children and teenagers (and adults too!). We look forward to providing a treatment plan that will work best for your timeline and budget.

Learn More About Pediatric Dentistry Now

Whether your child is enjoying their first set of 20 baby teeth or they’ve matured into needing orthodontic care, tooth extraction, or a sports guard, we are here for you. We invite you to make an appointment today at the dental office of George L. Landress D.D.S.,M.A.G.D., D.A.B.D.S.M, to experience top-rated family and pediatric dentistry in Danbury, CT.






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