Dental Crowns in Danbury, CT

A dental crown is a custom cap for a damaged tooth. Crowns restore a tooth’s appearance and function and are made from different materials, including porcelain, metal alloy, porcelain fused to metal, stainless steel, and zirconia. When choosing dental crowns near you in Danbury, CT, most individuals consider cost, durability, and aesthetics. Our dentist near you will give you all the relevant information and guide you when making this decision.

Damaged teeth often negatively impact your oral health and overall well-being. If you’re looking to restore a broken, decayed or discolored tooth, get in touch with Danbury Smiles – George L. Landress D.D.S.,M.A.G.D., D.A.B.D.S.M today to discuss dental crowns with Dr. Landress.

When Do You Need Dental Crowns?

Our dentist in Danbury, CT may recommend dental crowns to fix several dental problems, including:

Adults and children alike can get dental crowns. In children, dental crowns may be required to keep cavities at bay. If your young one is at high risk of cavities and struggles to keep up with their dental hygiene, they may be suitable candidates for pre-fabricated stainless steel crowns.

Dental Crowns Procedure

Dr. Landress starts the treatment process by examining your teeth to determine the state of your dental health. Depending on your needs, you may undergo other treatments before being fitted with a dental crown. For example, patients with significant tooth decay may require root canal therapy as a pre-requisite to dental crowns.

Once the pre-requisite treatments are completed, the dentist takes your dental impressions. These impressions are then shared with the dental lab team, which creates custom crowns from your preferred material. During your second visit, the dentist cements the crown to your affected tooth, revealing a brand new and improved smile.

If you’re looking for a trusted, multi-specialty dental practice that provides crowns near you, contact Danbury Smiles – George L. Landress D.D.S.,M.A.G.D., D.A.B.D.S.M today. We work hard to guarantee our patients’ comfort and look forward to giving you the smile makeover you need.






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