Dental Bridges in Danbury, CT

Have you recently lost your teeth and are finding it increasingly hard to smile? Tooth loss brings with it numerous repercussions, including the loss of self-confidence. Fortunately for you, you can transform your smile thanks to dental bridges in Danbury, CT. A dental bridge is a custom restoration that bridges or closes the gap created by missing teeth. A dental bridge is a fixed or permanent restoration and can replace a single tooth or multiple missing teeth.

If you’re a Danbury, CT resident and are looking to get dental bridges near you, reach out to Danbury Smiles – George L. Landress D.D.S.,M.A.G.D., D.A.B.D.S.M today. We’re a well-established family-friendly dental office that serves patients looking to undergo various dental procedures, including preventive, cosmetic, and restorative treatments.

Types of Dental Bridges

Danbury Smiles – George L. Landress D.D.S.,M.A.G.D., D.A.B.D.S.M offers four types of dental bridges near you, including traditional, cantilever, Maryland-bonded, and implant-retained bridges.

Traditional Bridges

A traditional bridge comprises pontic teeth supported by two adjacent natural teeth.

Cantilever Bridges

Cantilever bridges resemble traditional bridges, except that they’re supported by a single tooth. Cantilever bridges can exert unnecessary pressure on the supporting tooth. As such, our dentist in Danbury, CT will hesitate to recommend them except when necessary.

Maryland-Bonded Bridges

A Maryland-bonded bridge consists of pontic teeth held in place by a framework of metal or porcelain wings. Maryland-bonded bridges are often preferred for the front teeth.

Implant-Supported Bridges

Would you like to combine the benefits of implants and dental bridges? Dr. Landress can make that happen. An implant-retained bridge is supported by an artificial tooth root, thus providing excellent stability. Patients who have lost a significant number of teeth can greatly benefit from implant-retained bridges.

Dr. Landress takes time to understand your needs, as this allows us to personalize your treatment and guarantee satisfaction.

What to Expect

Our patients’ comfort and satisfaction are our greatest priorities. We work hard to ensure you feel safe, cared for, and listened to during your time with us.

If you’re a fitting candidate for dental bridges, our dentist near you starts preparing your adjacent teeth. Preparation involves reshaping the tooth enamel to make room for the dental crowns of the bridge. Next, the dentist takes your dental impressions to inform the creation of custom dental bridges.

Dental bridges may be manufactured from metal alloys, porcelain, gold, zirconia, or metal fused to porcelain. Once cemented in place, dental bridges transform your smile’s aesthetics and function, allowing you to chew comfortably and smile confidently.

Have you recently lost your teeth and are looking for a reputable dental office that offers custom restorations? Call Danbury Smiles – George L. Landress D.D.S.,M.A.G.D., D.A.B.D.S.M today to book an appointment with our experienced dentist in Danbury, CT.






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