Dental Bonding in Danbury, CT

Tooth bonding is a simple, painless cosmetic procedure that involves applying tooth-colored composite resin to fix minor dental imperfections. Tooth bonding is safe for patients of all ages and usually doesn’t require anesthesia, except in cases where it’s used to fix a cavity.

Danbury Smiles – George L. Landress D.D.S.,M.A.G.D., D.A.B.D.S.M is a leading, multi-specialty, and conveniently-located dental office that provides dental bonding in Danbury, CT. If you have significant dental issues that are impacting your confidence, reach out to our dentist near you today to schedule a consultation. Tooth bonding may be just what you need to smile with confidence again.

When Do You Need Dental Bonding?

Our dentist in Danbury, CT may recommend dental bonding if:

  • You have chipped or broken teeth.
  • You have discolored teeth.
  • You have misshapen teeth.
  • You’d like to elongate your short teeth.
  • You have gaps between your teeth and wish to close these gaps.
  • You have cavities and aren’t keen on other types of fillings.
  • You have receding gums and need to protect your tooth roots.

Dr. Landress takes time to assess each patient’s needs before recommending treatment.

The dental bonding process is uncomplicated. Our dentist uses a shade guide to choose the composite resin color closely resembling your natural teeth. Next, the dentist cleans and etches the tooth to be bonded. Finally, the bonding material is applied and molded to its desired shape. A special curing light is used to facilitate the hardening process.

Dental bonding treatment time is approximately 30 to 60 minutes per tooth.

Caring for Bonded Teeth

A bonded tooth can chip when not cared for properly. Here are some excellent ways you can care for your bonded teeth to ensure continued oral well-being:

  • Brush and floss every day.
  • Avoid hard foods and candy.
  • Don’t bite your nails.
  • Avoid staining and discoloring foods, beverages, and habits.
  • Schedule regular dental exams and cleanings with Dr. Landress for ongoing support.

Would you like to restore your smile painlessly and within a single appointment? If you’re looking for a preferred, multi-specialty, and family-friendly dental practice that offers tooth bonding near you, call Danbury Smiles – George L. Landress D.D.S.,M.A.G.D., D.A.B.D.S.M today.






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