Restore Your Whole Smile

Restore Your Whole Smile

May 18, 2017

When your smile needs some help, there are an array of cosmetic or restorative treatments available. Two common choices are bridges and crowns. Roughly 15 million Americans have these devices according to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. Explore why bridges and crowns are popular procedures offered by Dr. George Landress at his dentist office in Danbury, CT.

Life with Crowns

A dental crown is a porcelain, metal or ceramic tooth covering that is bonded to the surface of your natural tooth. Dentists use crowns to strengthen and beautify smiles that have seen better days. Individual teeth can become worn down, injured or lose their natural color over time. In these cases, a crown can restore them. Some patients don’t think that they can save problematic teeth, but crowns make that possible. They can last for five to 10 years or longer.

Getting Bridges

Dental bridges help bridge gaps in your smile that are caused by missing or extracted teeth. The gap is filled by a false tooth that sits on top of the gumline. This filler tooth, also called a pontic, is anchored by two crowns. Keep in mind that you must have two adjacent teeth that are healthy enough to support the crowns. The bridge (including the crowns) will be colored by your Danbury dentist to match the rest of your smile. It is a semi-permanent solution that only you and your dentist will know about.

You Don’t Have to Live with Tooth Problems

Many patients continue to live with damaged, discolored or missing teeth for years instead of seeing a dentist—sometimes due to dental anxiety. It may motivate you to know that you can have a crown or bridge installed in just a couple of appointments. Your teeth are prepared to receive the devices at the first appointment, an impression is taken, and the final crown or bridge is installed at the next appointment. Both are pain-free procedures that have great, long-term benefits.

Smile Restoration

Bridges and crowns are dental devices that can restore your smile and give you back the full function of your teeth. Call Dr. Landress at (203) 743-7608 today to schedule an appointment at his Danbury, CT, dentist office.

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