Partial Dentures Fill Out Your Smile

Partial Dentures Fill Out Your Smile

June 8, 2015

Partial dentures close the gaps in your smile beautifully and comfortably.

Partial dentures, also referred to dental bridges or partials, are made for people who have retained most or some of their natural teeth. With┬áporcelain restorations attached to a plastic base, partials fill in the empty spaces authentically. If you’re a candidate for partials and have questions about them, we answer them here!

What kind of partials should I get?

There are two kinds of partials – removable and fixed. Their names are fairly self-explanatory. Removable partials are held in place by metal fixtures which are anchored to nearby natural teeth. They’re made to be removed for cleaning, both after meals and overnight. Fixed dentures are permanent; they’re attached to metal posts which the dentist surgically implants under the gum line. Fixed dentures should only be used in people who have strong immune systems and enough jawbone to support the implants properly.

Why partials?

For your oral health, your Danbury dentist will recommend keeping as many of your natural teeth as possible. Adding in partial dentures where they’re needed offers several benefits. Besides the cosmetic factor of having an even smile, partials generally make eating and talking much easier. Partials also provide necessary support to keep the remaining natural teeth in place. By eliminating spaces, you’re less likely to have plaque build-up. It’s still very important to maintain excellent dental hygiene, however. Removable dentures, both partial and full, can cause decay if they are not taken out and thoroughly cleaned every day. Dr. Landress’ helpful staff will provide you with more information on taking care of your partials.

Maintaining your dental health is the first priority at Danbury Smiles. If you’d like more information about enhancing your smile with partial dentures, call for an appointment today.

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