Dentures Can Get Your Smile Back

Dentures Can Get Your Smile Back

March 30, 2016

Tooth loss doesn’t just have to be forever. You can get a full smile back with dentures.

Tooth loss, whether complete or full, doesn’t just impact your appearance it can also make it difficult to speak properly or get the proper nutrients you need because chewing can be a challenge. While there are many options to choose from, sometimes patients are looking for the most budget-friendly restoration. In this case your Danbury dentist Dr. George Landress offers full and partial dentures: a tried and true way to restore your tooth loss.

How do Dentures Work?

Whether you are opting for full or partial dentures if you are getting a removable prosthesis then you can expect your dentures to contain a gum-colored base made from plastic that will fit over the ridge of bone that once held your permanent teeth. Coming out of the gum-like base are false teeth that are fabricated to look and function like real teeth.

Dentures stay in place by suctioning to the bone ridge. This is why it’s so important that your Danbury, CT restorative dentist fits your dentures to your mouth so that it can suction properly to help it stay in place. Since the upper dentures tend to get some support from the roof of the mouth they tend to be more stable than lower dentures.

What is it Like to Wear Dentures?

It can be exciting to finally have a smile back but know that it will take some adjusting to get used to talking or eating with your new teeth. But the more often you wear your dentures the faster the muscles and nerves of the mouth will learn to work with your dentures to help it function as closely to real teeth as possible.

Visit the practice of George L. Landress, D.D.S., M.A.G.D. and his exceptional dental team in Danbury that are dedicated to giving you back a full smile. Dentures can help you regain your smile and we are here to help!

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