Could Dental Implants Help Me?

Could Dental Implants Help Me?

March 27, 2020

Find out what makes someone the perfect candidate for dental implants.

These days, more and more adults are turning to dental implants to replace their missing teeth. Accordingly, if you are dealing with tooth loss you may be wondering, “Are dental implants for me?”

From the office of our Danbury, CT, dentist Dr. George Landress, here are some factors that may just tell you that dental implants could help your smile:

You are in Good Health

One of the determining factors for getting an implant is your health. Of course, most people who maintain good oral health and general health are ideal candidates for implants. We will need to examine your teeth and gums to make sure there are no cavities or gum disease, but if you have a clean bill of health, chances are good dental implants are right for you.

You are Missing At Least One Tooth

No matter whether you are missing one, two, several, or all of your teeth, you may be surprised to discover that dental implant treatment can help you no matter how significant your tooth loss. If you are just looking to replace a single missing tooth then our Danbury, CT, family dentist will only need to place a single implant into the jawbone to support a dental crown; however, if you want implants to support multiple teeth, we can also place several implants along the jawbone to hold your dentures in place.

You Have a Strong Jawbone

In order for the jawbone to be able to support the dental implant, we need to first make sure that your jawbone is healthy. We will take x-rays to check the density of the jawbone. Of course, even if you are dealing with significant jawbone loss, you could still be a candidate for dental implants—you may just need to undergo bone grafting first to strengthen the jawbone.

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